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Survivor benefits for Active Members
(When a member dies prior to retirement)

When a member dies prior to retirement, any survivor benefit that may be available is dependent on factors such as whether the member was vested or nonvested at the time of death, and whether the death was related to the person's job (service-connected). Some important points to remember are:
  • You initially designate beneficiaries on the Member Sworn Statement when you begin employment.
  • You may also make changes to your beneficiary on the Beneficiary Designation form.
  • The most recent Beneficiary Designation form on file at the SDCERA office is used to distribute survivor benefits.
  • You re-designate your beneficiary at the time of retirement.

The eligible surviving spouse, registered domestic partner or children of an active member who dies may choose one of the following death benefits depending on the member's status at the time of death.