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Retirement benefit estimate amounts are based on information you provide. Therefore, estimate results are not a guarantee of benefit amounts or eligibility.

Step 1: Enter your age at retirement 
(Please contact the Member Service Center if you need an estimate using a retirement age under 50.)
Step 2: Enter your final average compensation 
(highest average monthly salary)

Step 3:
Enter your service credit at retirement 
General Safety
Tier I Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier A Tier B Tier C

Step 4: Select your membership classification at retirement 

The benefit calculation provided above does not constitute a guarantee of plan coverage or benefit amount. The benefit shown may differ from the benefit you receive at retirement as a result of events not accounted for in this calculation. Also, particular rules and eligibility requirements must be met before benefits can be received.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you became an SDCERA Member before July 1, 1996, federal or state law limits the amount of compensation that may be used to calculate your benefit. For calendar year 2018, the compensation limit for Tier 1, A and B Members is $275,000, General Tier C Members is $121,388 and Safety Tier C Members is $145,666.

If you are considering retirement, you may submit a request for either a Retirement Benefit Estimate or a Retirement Application. Or, you may contact SDCERA's Member Service Center at 619-515-6800.