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The course of many organizations – for good or ill – can often be traced to the impact of just one individual. In June, SDCERA celebrated the positive impact of not one, but two, such individuals: Dianne Jacob, who completed her two-year term as Board Chair and Trustee David Myers, who retired from County Sheriff's Department and the Board.

David Myers retired on June 21 after a 35-year law enforcement career culminating as a San Diego County Sheriff's Commander. As a result of his retirement, Dave's tenure as an SDCERA Trustee also ended. Dave was first elected to the SDCERA Board of Retirement in May 2003. He served six consecutive Board terms with dedication and distinction, always fulfilling his fiduciary to Members.

Trustee Dianne Jacob's tenure as SDCERA Board Chair began in July 2016. Dianne was SDCERA's first-ever female Board Chair, and her leadership came at a critical time in SDCERA's history. She improved Board governance and recruited a new management team. She ensured a seamless and successful transition to a new investment program.

On behalf of their Board colleagues and SDCERA's Membership and staff, SDCERA thanks Dianne and Dave for demonstrating the positive impact of an individual to make an organization great.

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