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If you decide to work outside of County employment, there is no effect on your SDCERA retirement benefit payments. However, if you are temporarily re-employed with the County of San Diego (including other participating employers) there is no effect on your SDCERA retirement payments if you work no more than 960 hours in any one fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) in a position requiring special skills or knowledge, as a juror, voter registration election officer, judge, Board of Retirement member, independent contractor or elected official.

You must wait 180 calendar days (90 days for Public Safety Officers) following the last day of employment as a regular employee before you can return as a temporary employee. Refer to the Working after Retirement fact sheet for more information.

Temporary re-employment with the County of San Diego means you would not make member contributions to SDCERA and you would not earn additional retirement service credit; however, you must not work beyond the 960-hour limit each fiscal year.

If you become re-employed by the County of San Diego in a permanent position working at least 20 hours weekly, you must apply to the Board of Retirement for reinstatement to active SDCERA membership and provide medical evidence of fitness for duty. To do this you will need to complete and return a Return to Active Membership Application for Retired Members form to SDCERA. You must have the Department of Human Resources Medical Standards Unit complete a section of this form.

When you are rehired, your retirement payments would stop and you would re-enter membership. When you retire again your initial retirement benefit resumes (increased by any cost-of-living adjustments) and the additional benefit earned during your second employment would be calculated as a new and separate benefit.