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Disability Retirement

If you become physically or mentally disabled from performing your job duties, you may apply for Disability Retirement regardless of your age. If you are eligible and the Board of Retirement finds you are permanently incapacitated, you may receive a Disability Retirement benefit.

There are two types of Disability Retirement:

  1. 1. Service-connected Disability Retirement (job-related)
    If you are permanently incapacitated, physically or mentally, from performing your job duties and your incapacity is the result of a job‑related injury, illness or disease, you may be eligible for a Service‑connected Disability Retirement benefit regardless of your age or length of service.
  2. 2. Nonservice-connected Disability Retirement (not job-related)
    If you are permanently incapacitated, physically or mentally, from performing your job duties due to a permanent injury, illness or disease which is not job related, you may be eligible for a Nonservice‑connected Disability Retirement benefit. To receive a benefit, you must have at least five years of SDCERA retirement service credit or a combination of SDCERA/reciprocal retirement service credit.

If you are granted a Disability Retirement and take a lower-paying position with the County of San Diego or other participating employer, the Board of Retirement may pay a Supplemental Disability Benefit to make up for any loss in pay. The amount of this benefit will be equal to the difference between your salary in the former position and your salary in the new position, and not more than the amount of your approved Disability Retirement benefit.

Contact SDCERA at 619.515.6800 to request a Disability Retirement packet.

SDCERA's Policy on Disability Retirement can be found here.

The following procedures apply to Disability Retirement matters:

Procedure on Disability Applications
Procedure on Disability Hearings
Procedure on Disability Re-Examination
Disability Administrative Hearing Rules (July 8, 2018 to June 3, 2021)
Disability Administrative Hearing Rules (June 4, 2021 to present)