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Sick Leave Conversion

When you leave employment with the County of San Diego or a participating employer (e.g., Superior Court), if eligible, you may convert all or a portion of your unused sick leave hours into SDCERA service credit on an hour-for-hour basis with no maximum limit. Your unused sick leave will be added to the service credit total used to calculate your SDCERA lifetime monthly benefit. The service credit you receive as a result of converting unused sick leave may not be used to reach vesting or minimum retirement eligibility requirements for a service or disability retirement.

Your eligibility to convert unused sick leave is determined by your employer. SDCERA does not determine sick leave conversion eligibility. Contact your departmental human resources officer (DHRO) or payroll representative to determine if you are eligible for sick leave conversion, the eligibility rules for your bargaining unit, and the options for converting your unused sick leave hours to SDCERA service credit and/or receiving a cash-out of your unused sick leave upon terminating employment.

If you convert unused sick leave hours into SDCERA service credit, your employer will typically provide SDCERA with your sick leave conversion information one full pay period after you terminate your employment. When SDCERA receives this information, we will calculate your sick leave conversion by dividing your unused sick leave hours by your annual authorized hours (based on 26 pay periods) and add the product to your total service credit (see example below).

To avoid delays issuing your first monthly benefit payment, SDCERA may calculate your monthly retirement benefit and place you in payment status before we receive the sick leave conversion information from your employer. In that situation, when your employer provides SDCERA with your sick leave conversion information, we will recalculate your monthly retirement benefit retroactive to your retirement date.

Sick Leave Conversion Example