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Temporary Social Security Supplement

The Temporary Social Security Supplement (TSSS) is a benefit for qualifying Members that increases a Member's SDCERA retirement benefit from their retirement date until they reach age 62. The TSSS increase is a percentage of the Social Security Administration's (SSA) estimate of a Member's Social Security benefit at age 62. The TSSS ends at age 62, and, at that time, the Member's SDCERA retirement benefit (including the TSSS) is reduced for their lifetime by the full amount of the SSA's age 62 Social Security benefit estimate.

TSSS Qualification Requirements
The TSSS is available to Members who:

  • Are Tier I, Tier A, or Tier B
  • Retire before age 62,
  • Are eligible to receive a Social Security benefit, and
  • Have not been granted an SDCERA disability retirement.
Tier C and Tier D Members are not eligible for the TSSS.

How TSSS Works
Before a Member retires, they must submit their SSA estimate to SDCERA. SDCERA will calculate the TSSS based on the Member's estimated Social Security benefit at age 62, their SDCERA retirement age and tier. To obtain an SSA estimate, contact the SSA at or call 1.800.772.1213.

The TSSS is an optional benefit, separate from a Member's SDCERA retirement benefit. A Member should carefully consider the financial ramifications of selecting the TSSS. Keep in mind that the annual estimate a Member receives from SSA assumes the Member will work until age 62. Members may request a personalized SSA estimate that reflects the date they plan to stop working to ensure a more accurate estimate of their SSA benefit at age 62. Otherwise, if a Member retires before age 62, the annual SSA estimate may be higher than the actual Social Security benefit a Member ultimately receives. In addition, when a Member reaches age 62, SDCERA will deduct SSA's estimated age 62 benefit even if it is higher than the Member's actual SSA benefit at age 62.

Important TSSS Facts

  • While the TSSS reduces your SDCERA retirement benefit at age 62, it has no impact on the amount of your Social Security benefit.
  • Whether or not you choose to begin receiving your Social Security benefit at age 62, your SDCERA retirement benefit will decrease at age 62 by the full Social Security estimate amount.
  • If your actual Social Security benefit at age 62 differs from SSA's prior estimate, which is likely, SDCERA will still calculate your SDCERA retirement benefit using SSA's age 62 estimate.
  • If a survivor continuance is available to your beneficiary, the continuance benefit will be based on the original SDCERA retirement benefit option you selected, and will not include the TSSS amount.

Example for a General Tier A Member who Retires at age 53
The table below illustrates the TSSS calculation for a General Tier A Member who retires at age 53.

Retirement Age 53
SSA Age 62 Estimate $1,200.00
Applicable SDCERA TSSS Actuarial Percentage 43.77%
TSSS Benefit $525.24
SDCERA Unmodified Retirement Benefit at Age 53 $2,800.00
SDCERA Unmodified Retirement Benefit at Age 53 with TSSS $3,325.24
At Age 62, SDCERA Unmodified Retirement Benefit with TSSS Reduced By the Full SSA Age 62 Estimate ($1,200) $2,125.24

The chart below illustrates the potential long-term financial impact of selecting the TSSS. Before selecting the TSSS benefit, a Member should consult with their tax or financial professional.

Potential long-term financial impact