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Retired Member Beneficiary Benefits

Upon the death of a Retired SDCERA Member, immediately contact SDCERA's Member Service Center at 619.515.6800 to report the Member's death. We will also need a photocopy of the Member's death certificate. Keep in mind, a final retirement benefit is payable to the Member for the month in which they decease. This payment will be automatically deposited into the Member's bank account on file with SDCERA on the last business day of the month.

As a beneficiary, you may be eligible to receive a lump sum death benefit of $3,500 and a monthly lifetime continuance benefit. These benefits are determined at the time of the Member's retirement or as part of a divorce settlement.

SDCERA's Beneficiary Benefits team will mail all required forms and information to the beneficiaries on file. Once all required forms and documents are received by SDCERA, the benefits are generally processed by the end of the following month.

Multiple Beneficiaries

If the Member named more than one beneficiary for any given benefit, each beneficiary will receive the portion of the benefit indicated on the most recent beneficiary designation form on file.  

No Beneficiaries on File

If the Member did not name any beneficiaries or the beneficiary named is deceased, benefits will be paid to the Member's estate. If an estate has not been established, probate rules may apply with benefits being paid to an eligible surviving spouse, registered domestic partner, child, other eligible family member, or trust.  

Community Property

Because retirement benefits earned during marriage are considered community property assets, current and former spouses may have an interest in the benefits to be paid after the Member's death.