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Beneficiary Frequently Asked Questions

My spouse or Registered Domestic Partner was an SDCERA Member and just passed away. What should I do?
Contact SDCERA's Member Service Center at 619.515.6800 to begin the beneficiary benefits process. You will need to provide SDCERA with a photocopy of their death certificate.

When will I receive my lump-sum death benefit payment and/or survivor continuance?
Death benefits are generally paid the month following SDCERA's receipt of all required documentation (e.g., death certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), completed forms, etc.).

As a beneficiary, can I participate in the Retiree Health Program?
Yes. If you are receiving a monthly benefit from SDCERA you are eligible to participate in the SDCERA-sponsored health and dental plans.


What is a Power of Attorney?
A Power of Attorney permits another individual to access your SDCERA Member information and to make decisions on your behalf.

How do I establish an SDCERA Power of Attorney?
You may download an SDCERA Power of Attorney form at

You may also submit a non-SDCERA Power of Attorney but it will need to be reviewed by the Legal Department before being accepted.


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